Author: scott

Any 'designer' can design you a sofa, hang drapes, get you a lamp, put a bulb in it and turn it on. I'm not interested in any of that. I'm interested in story. The stories that follow... are my reflections on life, told through the filters of space. The spaces we live in - physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. As we journey together, I hope we find the answers, with a good measure of common sense, to the challenges we all face.

Thanks for joining me. As we reflect on space.

Love Thy Neighbor   In my trade we build. Spaces. Rooms. Buildings.   Homes. ************************************************************************************ It is the rarest of us on this planet who live alone on an island. Far more common is the fact that we all live in proximity to another human being. From ranches and countryside. To suburbs and exurbs. Apartment … Continued

We work so hard in our lives to ‘get it right’. At work. At home. With our kids. With our husbands or wives. In sport. … in all our relationships. In everything we do. We want to get it right.   Committed through it all to high ideals and emotional fulfillment. We have faith through … Continued

Every home has space. Space for a sofa. A chair. A table. A bed. Refrigerators and stoves and coffee makers. Showers and toilets and sinks. Some homes are small and charming. Others, grand and expansive. Some are just good ‘ole track homes, blended into the context of a greater neighborhood. Some of us, through our … Continued

The Skinhead and the Fag. That’s how the story might have been written. In 1989. Its 2022 now. And together, we – Russell and me – set out to write a different story. One we actually discovered unknowingly. One we thought began in 2019. But it actually started in 1989. ………. I wouldn’t have known … Continued

Is it possible?   Strands of DNA braid together. Weaving generations of human beings. Each generation adding strands. Coding. Time passes. Sending forward a tomb of storytelling. For those who will follow.   Blue eyes. Like none you find anywhere else. Eyebrows. Pointed high… as if to eternally question. Lashes. Long and batting, protecting those … Continued

A twig. A needle. Some lichen. Feathers from nestings past.   A safe place. Protected from the sun. Sheltered from the wind and rain. Guarded from predators and threats. They do this.   Each year. Like clockwork. The chickadees and the stellar jays.   This year, at my home in Incline Village, Joyce has returned. … Continued

Yep… that’s right. Butthole. No… not that one. The dude in the white Tesla Model S? The one who just cut you off in the Whole Foods parking lot to get your parking space, right? No, no, not him. He’s an ‘asshole’. And contrary to what he believes his car will say to you, he … Continued

It was Tuesday morning. A day of rest for me. Back then. Sundays were defined by handfuls of Advil, healing a stressed out back. And finger exercises to improve the blood flow and feeling in numbed-out fingertips, battle worn from zip ties and floral wire. Mondays were rest… Just sleep. Sleep in. Eat a middle … Continued

BLACK LIVES MATTER #11 NOTE: Reader Caution is advised. Certain language I use in this post is graphic and will be offensive to some. Everything shared here is the truth.   Black Lives Matter. Indeed…   I have finally come to this table to drink this Koolaid. And I can – now, acknowledge that Black Lives … Continued