Author: scott

Any 'designer' can design you a sofa, hang drapes, get you a lamp, put a bulb in it and turn it on. I'm not interested in any of that. I'm interested in story. The stories that follow... are my reflections on life, told through the filters of space. The spaces we live in - physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. As we journey together, I hope we find the answers, with a good measure of common sense, to the challenges we all face.

Thanks for joining me. As we reflect on space.

Sometimes… we find ourselves in those places in our lives… that are just… hard. For me, it is so easy to laugh. For me its so easy to smile. To joke. To spin great weaves from any number of bolts of yarn. There’s a lot that is easy for me. Even some of the toughest … Continued

Filthy Jews Yep… that’s right. That’s what she said. Along with a lot of other cultural, socio economic, anti semitic … ranting. It was uncomfortable. Awkward. Confusing. I didn’t know how to react or respond. It was a site visit, vetted in advance for security purposes, followed by a contractual phase, where we reviewed and … Continued

[ its been a while since I’ve blogged. It just hasn’t seemed important to me to chat it up about sofas and drapes and paint color. And I have little interest in helping people make their home offices incredible… so its been a while ]   From the earliest age we are taught about certain … Continued

It was 1984. Ronald Regan was president. Los Angeles was welcoming the Summer Olympics. I was 13. In the bloom of puberty, on the eve of entering my freshman year of high school. Pimply faced. Braces. Awkward physiology – trying to manage my arms and my legs in their new and lengthening forms. And gay. … Continued

Let’s Talk Toilets Yep, that’s right – toilets. We all have them. At least one. At least, God, I hope you do. Those porcelain work horses of the home. Pee’d on, poop’ed in, splattered on, thrown up in, pushed, flushed, flipped, dropped, clogged, plunged… a thankless job. One that if not offered up daily in … Continued

Home. Us. This has been on my mind for a while as I’ve tried to gather and articulate my feelings in these uniquely challenging times. Impeachment. Caucusing. The depth of unbelievabe divisions amongst us and our world. Looking and working ahead to select the person who will lead us into the next chapter of our … Continued

“ Dear Santa “, On embossed letterhead, lengthy emails, tweets attached to little blue birds. From the very youngest to the very oldest amongst us. Messages of hope on their way to a magical place in the North Pole… where a global army of fast working elves are on double overtime finishing the final details … Continued

“ Daddy, Christmas? … Daddy, Christmas? … Daddy, open the boxes! What is Santa doing? Where are the reindeers? When will he visit our home? Can we make cookies?! ” The words of my wide-eyed, wondrous, bright shining star of a 3 ½ year old son… Hahahhhahaha. He is so excited!It is the Holiday Season! … Continued